Project: Used to create and delete projects. A project must be created before datasets can be added to it. If a project is deleted all associated datasets will also be deleted.
  1. Add Project: To add a project, a project title is required as well as a template in fasta format. Once a file containing the template is selected any dataset added to the project will be mapped to this template. A variation on this is available under the "Miscellaneous" option.
  2. Delete Project: A project for deletion can be selected. All associated datasets will also be deleted.
Data: Once a project has been set up, datasets in FASTQ format can be added to it. During this process reads within the dataset will be mapped and aligned to the template associated with the project. The mapping and alignment process is described in more detail in the "Input and Mapping" section of this website.
  1. Add Dataset: A dataset title is required. In addition to this, the project to add the dataset to must be selected. The dataset itseef must be in FASTQ format.
  2. Delete Dataset: Once a project from the dropdown list is selected, a list of datasets associated with that project is displayed. Any of these can be selected for deletion from that project.
Tools: This menu contains some tools to aid in processing next generation data. Additional tools will be added over time.
  1. Sort Bar codes: Reads tagged with a particular bar code can be extracted from a fastq file using this menu option. The user selects the fastq file containing the read data, inputs the bar code to identify the reads of interest and selects the location to save the extracted reads too. The extracted reads will be saved (minus the barcode) in fasta format. If a file contains multiple different bar codes the process should be repeated with each code that the user requires data for i.e. the reads will be binned according to the barcodes.
Parameters: The parameter values used within the software can be set under this menu option. See the Parameters page for details.

About: Version of software v0.0.2.