Robertson Lab

Research group exploring viral and molecular evolution, genomics and disease

David is now based at the Centre for Virus Research at the University of Glasgow. If you'd like to work with us we welcome applications for PhD and post-doctoral positions at any time. We can also host independent research fellowships. If you have any questions please e-mail.

Research themes

Our research focuses on understanding the genetics and organisation of the human molecular system with a view to advancing knowledge of disease be it due to infection (particularly by viruses) or genome mutations. Evolution is what explains life and its many forms, and so its study is of central importance to understanding molecular systems and how they coevolve, e.g., molecular interactions, viruses with either their bacterial or eukaryote hosts, single-celled versus multi-cellular life etc. Examples of projects include:

  • Viral diversity & evolution
  • Viral-host interaction networks
  • Metagenomics & the virome
  • Human disease & mutation
  • Viral analysis workflows
  • Digital signal processing for NGS data


David Robertson (Prof)

Since 2017: PI, Univ. of Glasgow; since 2002: PI, Univ. of Manchester; 1999-2002: WT Research Fellow, Dept of Zoology, Univ. of Oxford; 1997-99: ANRS Research Fellow, Marseilles; 1996-97: postdoc, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham; 1993-96: PhD in Genetics, Univ. of Nottingham; 1992-93: 1st year of PhD, Trinity College Dublin (lab relocated to Nottingham); 1987-91: BSc, Zoology honours, Univ. of Edinburgh. Linked-in Twitter Email

Avraam Tapinos (Dr)

Avraam is a BBSRC-funded postdoc applying digital signal processing methods to the analysis of metagenomic sequencing datasets. Github Email

Samaneh Kouchaki (Dr)

Samaneh is a postdoc funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Virogenesis project and is applying digital signal processing methods to the virome component of metagenomic sequencing datasets. Linked-in Email

Ana Barradas

Ana is a FCT funded PhD student working on GPCRs, their evolution and association with disease. Email

Bede Constantinides

Bede is a BBSRC funded PhD student developing approaches for characterising diverse viral populations. Linked-in Twitter Github Email

Alexandra Martin-Geary

Alex is an iCASE MRC funded PhD student. She has a BSc in Archaeological Sciences from the University of York, and an MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from the University of Manchester. Her PhD research focuses on the role of genetic variation in human disease. Twitter Email

Abayomi Olabode

Abayomi is a PhD student working on virus mutation and protein stability. Linked-in Twitter Email

Amro Safadi

Amro is a PhD student working on the molecular evolution of cancer. Linked-in Email

Ruth Stoney

Ruth is a BBSRC funded PhD student working on computational representations of molecular interaction pathways. Linked-in Email